The Lyall Meyers Memorial Summer Camp Scholarship

Our Manitoba Chapter has created an annual scholarship to be awarded in memory of Lyall Meyers to the child of a Chapter member (age 8 to 16) who wishes to attend a summer camp.

The Camp would be selected by the child’s parents after their consideration of the ability of the camp to supply the child with appropriate gluten free food during his or her visit to the facility.

An application form should be completed giving pertinent information with a short paragraph stating why the child should be selected to receive this award, the amount required according to the cost quoted by the camp, the dates he/she wishes to attend, etc. The child would be encouraged to write a request letter also. A deadline date for application would be January 6th, the year the first award is to be made.

A committee of three (a Chapter Executive member, a member at large and a representative of the Meyers family, if they wish to participate) will determine who would be selected when they meet before January 31st . This will allow for the advance booking to be made at the chosen camp for the upcoming summer. The scholarship will be in the form of a cheque that would be made payable to the chosen camp which the Chapter will forward to the camp.

Application forms are available on our website or at the October and December general meetings.

Don’t Forget the Frosty!

Wendy's Another “quick service” hamburger restaurant is offering documented gluten-friendly options.  We were recently made aware of a page on Wendy’s website entitled, Canadian Menu Items Without Gluten.    These items include burger patties, sides, salads and desserts*.  Isn’t it nice to have more and more options on the road?

*As always, read documentation completely and speak with your local food service manager to satisfy yourself that your dietary needs can be met.

Viva La Bamba!

La Bamba RestaurantAs far as we can tell, La Bamba Mexican restaurant may be the only restaurant in Winnipeg where gluten is notably absent from almost all of the menu items.*

The authentic Mexican fare includes salad, nachos, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and other traditional dishes, all using corn-based shells. Service is friendly and accommodating for gluten-free customers and there are three convenient Winnipeg locations to choose from.  Check out the menu for all three locations here.

*Please note the Mole sauce, jalapeno poppers and deep fried ice cream are not gluten-free.  As always, CCA Manitoba recommends you check with your server, chef and restaurant manager to ensure you are comfortable with a restaurant’s ability to provide a gluten-free meal.