Where To Shop – Manitoba

Large Gluten-Free Selection

Lorenzo’s Specialty Foods
1060 St. Mary’s Rd.
Winnipeg, MB  R2M 3S9
(204) 253-1300
Toll Free (outside Winnipeg): 1-866-639-1711

Meyers Whole Foods
483 William Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3A 0J5
(204) 943-1466

Cocoa Beans Bakery
(204) 918-5313

Central Products and Foods
630 Nairn Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R2L 0X5
(204) 667-2758


Gluten-free foods are available at the following stores but availability varies with each store:

Chain Stores (various locations)


Family Foods


Shoppers Drug Mart



Health Food Stores

Canadian Nutrition Centre
4-1795 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg, MB R2G 1P3
(204) 339-0440

Feelin’ Good
372 Stephen Street
(204) 822-6707
Morden, MB  R6M 1T5

Gramma Carol’s Gourmet, Bulk and Health
240 Main St
Selkirk, MB  R1A 1S2
(204) 785-8374

Hedley’s Health Hut
Unit 61, 1560 18th Street, Shoppers Mall
Brandon, MB  R7A 5C5

Nutter’s Bulk & Natural Foods
19 – 3rd Avenue NE
Dauphin, MB  R7N 0Y5
(204) 638-4081

Organza Market
230 Osborne Street
Winnipeg,  MB  R3L 1Z5
(204) 453-6266

Organic Planet
877 Westminster Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3G 1B3
(204) 772 – 8771

Two Farm Kids
565 34th Street
Brandon, MB  R7B 3P8
Phone: (204) 728-2855
Toll Free: 1 (866) 745-4621

Vita Health (various locations)

Other Stores

Marvin’s Food Store

7 thoughts on “Where To Shop – Manitoba

  1. I think you should consider adding Wallmart to the list of Chain stores as they carry quite a bit of stuff now too. Love you site!! I am new to the gluten intolerance world, as is my daughter. We live 2 hours from Wpg in a small town so when she was moving to Wpg for school we were scared of where or how she would find places to eat. I am in the city occasionally for business and quite often it includes lunch or dinner. I find your site valuable to find a restaurant close to the area I will be in. It takes homework ahead of time to live this way, but what choice do we have. Thanks for being a big help and you are now my “go-to” site.

  2. Please consider adding Co-op Food stores to the list of chain stores. I have found several that have a wonderful selections of GF foods. Of course it varies from store to store, but that’s in the disclaimer.

  3. I often shop at “Scoop and Save” on Portage Avenue west. They carry some of Lorenzo’s items, Udi products, as well as specialty flours.

  4. Tenderloin Meats on Main Street have a large selection of GF Deli meats made in house as well as GF sausage and garlic rings. The head cheese is to die for!

  5. The new Sobey’s Extra south of U of M on Pembina Hwy has a wide variety of gluten free items in a Gluten Free section. This is a one stop shop. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety.

  6. I just became aware of Lorenzo’s Specialty Foods at 1060 St Marty’s Rd. My daughter is gluten and dairy free and they had a wonderful selection of baked treats that she could choose from (it was a Saturday). The baked bread is to die for….I seriously came home and threw away the other brands and homemade gluten free bread I had in the freezer. Their bread was soft, flexible, not crumbly at all and smelled wonderful. My 4 year old and I ate tons of it in one sitting today , and it will be my go to bread from now on. [Edited]

    • Hi Lee, thanks for dropping us a message. I would love to make your message public but we might get into trouble if we include your message saying you threw away certain brands even though it is true. Thanks again.

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